Convert ashes into diamonds in the fond memory of your loved ones

Do you desire to secure a Memorial diamond from cremated ashes? Wikipedia explains how beautifully these statue diamonds are created. This platform helps you connect with the leader in the field of creating reliquary diamonds

Convert ashes into diamonds in the fond memory of your loved ones

Convert ashes into diamonds in the fond memory of your loved ones

Diamonds which are created from hair or from cremated remains are referred to as Memorial diamonds In a standard sense, sepulchre diamonds are created inside a laboratory and are furthermore referred to as synthetic diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds or cultured diamonds. Gemological Laboratories like the Birmingham Assay Office, United Kingdom or the Gemological Institute of America, US sort few Memorial diamonds. During the 1950s, human ashes were converted into cremation diamonds successfully

Memorial diamonds appeared in the hawk during the year 2000 There are several companies who claim to be the boon to posses provided Memorial diamonds are gaining desperate popularity in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, and Switzerland and in several fresh countries Lonite AG is a reliable company if you are looking for receiving a shrine diamond created in the memory of a boyfriend Rely only on the experts when it comes to body special in your life

Memorial diamonds are basically created from ashes and hair, while adding other types of carbon such as lab carbon as an addition as and when needful In time of hair, the equivalent is subjected to a process of heat treatment for the extraction of carbon. The hair topic is also analysed by few laboratories A information with duteousness to hair analysis serves as an assurance of client The process of diamonds unique identification as well as the comrade based upon the composition of their hair has been explained in several patents

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Cremated persons as well as animal remains grant in particulate or gaseous covert can serve as a source of carbon. By using the conventional filtering technique, the carbon is filtered Purification as well as graphitisation of carbon along with additional elements carry recess for point with the help of a halogen bathing technique. It is to be decided that all of the carbon is oxidized as well as gasified during the process of cremation, thereby leaving midpoint no carbon in the remains

Even if the minute traces of carbon can be successfully extracted from the carbonates apportion in the cremated ashes, over 99.5% of the carbon must be obtained from supplementary sources in point of even a small diamond. By utilising the conventional diamond synthesis techniques, the extracted carbon is used for producing diamonds. Till 2009, only the gigantic pressure, tall temperature (HPHT) processes using cubic as well as cummerbund presses were used to produce memorial diamonds

A Swiss bunch named Lonite AG, has taken a unique as well as inadvertent procedure in edict to memorialize our loved ones after they have passed away The company basically compresses and super-heats the cremated ashes of your loved ones and turns them into a diamond which is man-made and one that can be cherished and worn. The pet chemists of the gang excerpt the carbon from cremated remains of the human in direction to generate the synthetic stones The carbon is then converted into graphite by heating it to very tall temperatures

Graphite is introduced in a tool which mimics the conditions which are found deep inside the Earth, which contributes to the node of usual diamonds. The germane is compressed as well as heated to temperatures of around 1,5000 C for a term of several weeks The ashes gain transformed into a shiny green diamond Amber flush is imparted to the diamond due to presence of Nitrogen If this is removed, then the diamond obtained would be colourless

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