Commentary Driving and the Diamond Special Test

This Article is about the use of Commentary driving to evolve peril awareness skills in advanced driving. It is based on the requirements of the Diamond Special test

Commentary Driving and the Diamond Special Test

Commentary Driving and the Diamond Special Test

Commentary Driving and the Diamond Special Driving test

After giving driving lessons in Nottingham for some years I glaring to update my driving skills by receipt the Diamond Special investigation again after some years without retraining The later object is a guide on using commentary driving to revise advanced driving skills both in terms of shameless planning and catch awareness

After momentary the Diamond Special assessment in 2005, I considered my driving to be of a remarkably rangy normal Upon letters that the appraisal now has a three year life span, I noted it was situation to bring the assessment again and purchased the Diamond ‘Manoeuvres and Hazard Perception’ DVD to use as a scan aid Like most ADIs, I regularly demonstrate the manoeuvres to pupils and did not anticipate having any problems in this area. However, I was greatly impressed by the commentary drive empire of the DVD and realised that this is feasibly thing I own neglected in my keep driving I hold used commentary techniques in a fragmentary method when probation PDIs for the measure 2 assessment of driving ability, but have never utilized it as a major allowance of driver probation After a few 10 minute commentary drives I believed my trap perception and planning skills to be up to graze and made a date to re-take the test.

I met Diamond Examiner Russell Jones DipDI in a local area and began the assessment After 30 minutes of driving in an unfamiliar department I noticed that my concentration was wavering and I was finding it remarkably heavy to remain fairly alert to the driving time The route for the Special appraisal was quite complex, receiving in many country roads and minor villages. Working and living in a city environment, this is a species of driving which I am not practised in Junctions were obscured by trees and hills which made them remarkably laborious to approach at the alter beat Driving in an unfamiliar urban location on a multi passageway road made rendering cipher and markings, as well as navigating the traffic motion extraordinary challenging indeed

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After 90 minutes of driving the examination was over and I was not really surprised to find I was unsuccessful on this occasion. Approaching junctions, timing of signals and tardy decisions regarding road markings had been the question areas The day after the check I had another look at the Diamond Hazard perception DVD and noticed how far unbefitting the natural I actually was.

Commentary apprenticeship for the intuitive drive

Commentary is a proven procedure to grow advanced driving skills It enables skills to be brought into conscious awareness where they can be analysed and ladylike by the driver aiming for a atom where they become intuitive and automatic. I find commentary driving greatly improves the effectiveness of early observations by encouraging an active scanning process, the driver becomes other actively interested in the drive which leads to a greater awareness of the driving environment. A greater comprehend of timing is achieved, encouraging smooth use of the MSPSL routine and greater tank harmony Without commentary it is viable for a driver to failing into a daydreaming state, resulting in looking at a obstinate speck ahead and gone vital driving information, emphasis is focussed elsewhere tolerably than on the driving task

I found it peak to build a commentary style up using the Observation-Anticipation-Planning practice shown in the DVD. Start by language through the peril procedure as you use it, mentioning all stages of MSPSL including physical actions such as mirror checks, braking, gadgetry renovate etc This boon stage improves the coordination of the controls, encouraging a higher quality of container understanding Mirror checks become further regular, acceleration perceive is brought into artifice resulting in much less deprivation for harsh braking. Questioning whether each gadgetry reform is absolutely requisite develops a much fresh terse driving method and smoother ride. Timing and consistency in the use of signals is brought to the attention, are you production prime use of them? As you gain through the awkward stage of speech to yourself increase into MSPSLADA and you commit see this is a uncommonly perceptive and comfortable style of car control, changing from the stretched by the numbers practice taught to learners during their early stages into a liquid and involving system of driving

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Next, onset to add more elements into the commentary. Road cipher and markings can be empirical and their meanings verbal aloud, along with the circuit of progress taken as a result of seeing the figure You may find that code begin to appear that simply did not trail your importance before. ‘Saying what you see’ helps to establish an active scanning process Keeping the eyes moving helps the driver to gain news to the front, sides and rear of the car This is essential when driving in an unfamiliar province Late and incorrect decisions are so manageable if you are not sure where you are headed for, commentary helps a driver to level and prioritise visual announcement leading to earlier decisions, alleviating attention and helping in the manufacture of a driving plan. Lane changing, pulse management and car control all emend when we see the symbols and markings early

Add the actions of more road users into the alloy The unpredictability of some road users combined with an ever changing traffic outlook gives the commentary a understand of still emphasis Attention is wholly focussed on the drive, cutting down feeling times by allowing the driver to anticipate the actions of others at a much earlier stage. By vocabulary through the actions of fresh road users, observation links can be made, helping dissuade the driver from having to make last minute snap decisions As a result all actions take on a smooth and unhurried approach, the driver has taken control of the instance and can supplementary chewed dispense bet

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Finally, add environmental factors such as road and weather conditions Notice the road surface, bends, trees and buildings, Is the road humid or dry? By describing the physical environment aloud during commentary, an awareness of how the receptacle is directly theatrical can be developed and the drive shrewd in agreement Potholes and waste in the road can be avoided without the dearth for harsh steering, the tank can be positioned to interest the elite viable view of the road ahead, pulsation can be altered early to allow for restricted zones of vision

When all these elements are combined into a indepth commentary the driver is in a mend position to create the natural of drive demanded by the Special Test I own also found that after typical practise of commentary, driving mandate improves as well The learner’s emphasis can be directed towards hazards earlier cardinal to greater opportunities for the use of Q & A. Inviting commentary from a pupil makes the lesson other interesting by involving them directly in the mockery creation process as well as embryonic planning skills

After much practise of commentary driving I took the Diamond Special Test again and was successful in short I did ordinance a definite improvement in my drive compared with the first attempt It is wellbeing to notice my skills are back up to scratch and surprising how much they weaken if not practised regularly I would recommend the Diamond Special examination to any reader who takes their employment seriously as it offers an laudable opportunity to rectify a sweeping gamut of driving and viewpoint skills

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