14k Gold Wedding Band Varieties for Men

Gone are the days when men had to settle for the common 14k gold conjugal band. Nowadays, the connubial party mass for men is as exclusive and varying as it is for women Men have a mass of variety to choose from

14k Gold Wedding Band Varieties for Men

14k Gold Wedding Band Varieties for Men

Are you looking for the finished wedding crew for yourself? Do you want to look beyond the conventional 14k gold nuptial band and experiment with thing new? Luckily for you, matrimonial bands for men posses experimental a gargantuan makeover in preceding times A pile of unique and stylish designs are becoming memorable in the mens marriage troupe section. Titanium rose gold, and tungsten nuptial bands are gaining popularity while the usual 14k gold mens wedding party 6 mm is seeing a makeover Let us examination out the variety of unconventional married bands available for men.

Titanium Wedding Bands

Wedding bands made out of titanium are becoming thumping catchy among men This is due to the unique properties of titanium It is lightweight and therefore, nonpareil for family who are new to wearing jewelry Titanium wedding bands look very sleek and are comfortable to wear The designs radius from a ingenuous group to a party adorned with diamonds Moreover, some men moreover choose menacing bands made out of titanium as their wedding bands. Thus, for men who scarcity to gap the terminated tradition of a 14k gold nuptial band, titanium offers a stockpile of room to experiment

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Another strong contender for marital bands is tungsten Tungsten carbide is an keenly strong related and makes for an impressive connubial troupe It is example for men who perform a lot of manual labor The scratch-resistant properties of tungsten carbide make it a favorable alternative for many men Similar to titanium marital bands, tungsten marital bands are further available in silver and npromising bases Further, some men further like to experiment with colors like melancholy and coarse in postscript to the menacing base

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Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands

A collection of men raise carbon fiber wedding bands due to the many practical properties of the fiber While a 14k gold mens connubial bunch 6 mm looks benefit on paper, it is not very convenient for everyday use. Carbon fiber bands are lightweight, markedly durable, and furthermore hypoallergenic These properties make them a advantage possibility for connubial bands The nuptial bands are usually menacing in color and own artless designs. This is to ensure that the durability of the fiber is maintained Thus, for men who elevate practical overlooks, carbon fiber married bands are the finest choice

Unconventional Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold a mass of variations are available in gold bands. One can customize the gold according to their figure and color preferences. Yellow gold bands apportion a vintage look whereas white gold is prototype for bands with diamonds in them Rose gold bands present a youthful vibe and TRUE gold has its hold charm. Thus, even the classic gold marital squad now has variations in it

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